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20 NOVEMBER 2023

It’s always a welcome shift when the weather warms up and the days get longer. Time relaxes, doors and windows are thrown open and the outside and inside blend.

As the season’s change, we like to play with our colour palettes to reflect that. Spring and Summer are the perfect opportunity to lighten and brighten interior spaces. Combining cool sea blues with warm sandy tones is one of our favourite palettes of the season. Surrounded by neutral tones and textures, they work together to create a relaxed interior palette that is reminiscent of days at the beach.


Here’s our top tips for creating this look at home:

Tonal layering

Layering pieces of the same colour but different hues is an effective way to add balance and depth to your interior. Choose bedlinen with subtle variations or use objects of the same tone but different materiality.

Play with pattern

Injecting pattern is the perfect way to add interest to your space. Keep it subtle - a cushion on a lounge or bed is often all you need.

Embrace shapes

Combining vases and objects of different shapes and materiality is one of the easiest ways to change your interiors. When working groups of three, make sure to keep two neutral and add a colour pop with the third.

Bring the outside in

Bringing in natural elements really does help to connect and ground your interiors. Adding branches or dried foliage keeps to the tonal palette as well as the benefit of lasting longer!


It’s no secret that our focus is on preparing properties for sale. We aim to create interiors that increase buyer confidence, add to your sale value and ensure that your property stands out from the crowd. If you’re looking for property styling please reach out to us.

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